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placeholder 645x450 - FAQs About Vinyl Windows—Now You Know

FAQs About Vinyl Windows—Now You Know

Vinyl windows are one of the most popular products on the window market for good reason. However, it also means many homeowners have questions before they purchase vinyl windows. At Foster Exteriors we want to make sure you get all the information you need. Hopefully some of these answers will help. What is vinyl? Technically, […]

September 26 2016 0Comment
placeholder 645x450 - Window Shopping: Go Vinyl

Window Shopping: Go Vinyl

Vinyl windows used to be the red—headed stepchild of the window market, just as linoleum was widely shunned in comparison to real wood floors. Times are changing, though. Advancements to improve the look and energy efficiency of vinyl window options have moved this once unpopular material way up in popularity. Why? They are typically more […]

September 12 2016 0Comment
placeholder 645x450 - Replacement Windows = Instant Home "Face Lift"

Replacement Windows = Instant Home “Face Lift”

We all know what Pinterest and HGTV’s Chip and Joanna Gaines tell us about improving the curb—appeal of our homes: neutral paint, clean landscaping, a red front door… As a newlywed, I can personally attest to the constant waves of nesting I experience, which give way to wanting new and upgraded appliances, rugs, dishware, patterned […]

September 05 2016 0Comment
placeholder 645x450 - Environmental Responsibility Begins at Home with Your Windows

Environmental Responsibility Begins at Home with Your Windows

Have you ever given thought to your current or future home’s energy efficiency? When most of us think about environmental responsibility, we immediately think about the vehicles we drive. Yes, we should be mindful of what and how often we drive. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), however, our homes are a much bigger […]

August 29 2016 0Comment
placeholder 645x450 - Beating the Dallas Heat - Your Windows Matter

Beating the Dallas Heat – Your Windows Matter

Texas heat is a unique discomfort. If you are a Texan or a Southerner of any kind, you know this. There is such importance in remaining cool during the hot months, especially at home. This is why choosing the right window for your home with state—of—the—art thermal performance can make all the difference in regulating […]

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