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The Benefits of Vinyl and Aluminum Replacement Windows

When you decide it’s time to think about replacement windows for your home in Dallas, TX, you probably know enough to realize they are a big investment. That means you want to get the right style and brand to suit your home and goals to make it worth your money. There are plenty of materials on the market and they all have their benefits. As you do your research, consider the benefits of vinyl and aluminum replacement windows.


If you are looking at replacement windows for an older home, you may find that the home already has aluminum windows. Decades ago, aluminum materials were a cost—effective alternative to wood. Today, technology has come a long way and vinyl is standard in most new homes. Vinyl and aluminum windows that are created today are both known for their strength and durability. They last a long time, are scratch free, and look great no matter how old they get. Both windows are great at resisting moisture, which helps them hold up well in Dallas. Vinyl and aluminum are also lighter in weight than wood and other options.


Vinyl and aluminum replacement windows come in a number of different colors and styles. As you think about your options between the two, consider the fact that some vinyl frames come in a manner that resembles wood closely. Vinyl replacement windows never have to be painted or scraped, which is a great benefit. They maintain their beauty over the years. However, they cannot be changed. Aluminum windows come in a variety of colors as well, but they can be painted if you want to make a change down the road.

—Energy Efficiency

Even if you have vinyl windows already, new replacement windows will be more energy efficient. Technology makes advances every year and the newer models will save you on your heating and cooling costs because of their higher R—values. They insulate better and keep the hot Dallas air out of your home. Aluminum conducts hot and cold so it is not always as good of a choice in an extreme climate. Aluminum is such a lightweight material, however, that some people choose it over vinyl even though they will not save as much. They will still save more than they would on older windows.

—Overall Cost

Aluminum and vinyl windows Dallas, TX require little to no maintenance. They do not cost extra money over time because of that. Both windows are economical upfront as well. Any replacement windows require an investment, but if you want cost—effective windows that are stylish, energy efficient, and strong, vinyl and aluminum replacement windows are good options.

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