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Vinyl Windows with Argon Gas

Getting new windows is exciting! You get heightened energy efficiency, which will make your home feel more comfortable as well as lower your energy bills. They can also enhance curb appeal and make your house look beautiful inside and out. But you want that energy efficiency to be top of the line and argon gas can help vinyl windows with that goal.

Argon gas is an inert gas that is non—toxic, colorless, and non—reactive. It can be used within insulating gas units to enhance the performance of a window. Windows have low R0values and every improvement you can make to them to upgrade that is a good one. Windows that have argon features with two or more panes of glass are able to give you much more insulation than windows with air.

Argon0filled vinyl windows in Garland, TX offer a range of benefits including…

Compared to other noble gases, argon is very abundant and easy to find. That makes it cost—efficient so you don’t have to pay much for it in order to use it as an insulator. The denser gas gives you a lower U—value and conducts less heat. You lose a lot less heat when you have argon filled windows, and you gain less heat in the summer from the hot Texas sun. Even a small improvement in this are can make a big difference in the long run.

If you’re all about lowering your energy bills, argon gas can cut things back even further for you. Sure, it’ll cost a bit to have the gas installed instead of air on your new vinyl windows, but you’ll have less heat loss and more energy savings for many years.

Since argon is non—reactive, is has a small thermal conductivity which means your home will simply be more comfortable. The temperature of the inside of your window will be closer to room temperature, which cuts back on drafts where the two temperatures meet. You get an insulator both during the hot and cold times of the year.

Argon is a gas, yes, and that term might make you nervous. But it’s a completely safe gas so even if the glass breaks, there’s no danger to you. The argon gas might leak out over time, but that is not dangerous to you either.

If you are ready to move forward when new vinyl windows, it makes sense to have them filled with argon gas between the panes. Your other options are air (which isn’t’ nearly as efficient) or krypton gas (which is more efficient, but harder to find and therefore much more expensive.) Argon gas is a great middle of the road material that won’t cost as much and will give you a lot.

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