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What Should You Change When You Get Replacement Windows?

It’s easy enough to tell when your Plano, TX windows need to be replaced. But what’s harder than that is making all of the decisions that go into a replacement project. You have to decide on material, style, glass options, and much more. One thing you will want to consider beyond the basic decisions you absolutely have to make is whether or not there are any changes you’d like to make to your home while you are undergoing the project. Here are some of the most popular things homeowners change when they are getting replacement windows in their homes.

Switch master bedroom windows to sliding glass doors

If you want to see more out of the master bedroom and you want to let in more light, putting in sliding glass doors can be a huge benefit. You then have access to the outdoors and more ventilation as well as plenty of light. You can exit the space quickly and enjoy your morning coffee on the patio.

Install unique accent windows

Accent windows give character to the inside and outside of your home. You might want a bay or bow window in the dining room or living room to act as a reading nook and add architectural interest to the outside of your home. Or perhaps a custom geometric shape at the top of an entry way would give the home more interest. These windows are more expensive, but they add value too and can make replacement windows all that much more worth it.

Take the rainbow of colors into consideration

You might think that replacement windows, especially when they are vinyl, are white and that’s it. But you can get everything from white to black, including all the colors of the rainbow in between. Don’t settle for plain white unless that’s what you want. Consider different colors that will accentuate your home in a whole new (and better!) way.

Take energy options and run with them

You can go with basic replacement windows and you’ll still have something that’s probably more energy efficient than your old windows. But there are replacement windows that have options to further increase their efficiency, and if you can afford those options you’ll want them! You can go with triple pane glass, argon fillings, low—e coatings and more to drastically increase your energy savings. Go all out with these options to save money far into the future.

There are plenty of other changes you can make when you plan out Plano, TX replacement windows home and the professionals at Foster Exteriors can help you brainstorm on those ideas. Contact us at 214—319—8400and let’s sit down for a free consultation to go over the goals you have for your home, including any changes you want to make, either large or small. You can also stop by and look for inspiration in our showroom at 1350 N Buckner Blvd#216, Dallas, TX 75218.