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Why Vinyl Windows are the Energy Efficient Choice for Your Home

When it comes to windows in Dallas, Texas, it’s all about options that keep your home as cool as possible. An often overlooked factor in maintaining a comfortable temperature at home is the type of windows installed in your home. If you have changed your habits to create a more energy efficient home and your monthly bill still hasn’t budged, it may be time to reconsider your window material. Homeowners with outdated windows may have drafts that they are unaware of, resulting in any air conditioning literally going right out the window! Vinyl windows are an effective solution to keeping your home cool and comfy. Here we will discuss some of the many ways vinyl windows help reduce your electric bill and keep your heating and air conditioning inside where it belongs.

  1. Expanding Material

One of the major reasons why vinyl windows do a better job insulating your home than traditional windows is their snug fit and seal. Vinyl windows are made with a material that expands and contracts depending on the weather. This ensures that there are no drafts or holes created by a loosely installed window frame.

  1. Double or Triple Pane Glass

Traditional window frame materials, like wood or aluminum, usually come with single pane glass, which allows a good deal of heating and air conditioning to escape from your home. Vinyl windows come with either double or triple pane glass, which has an extra thick quality that contributes to insulation and reduces your energy bill.

  1. UV Blocking Tint:

If you are looking to further enhance the energy efficient qualities of your vinyl windows, request to have UV blocking tints added to your windowpanes. Today, new window models like vinyl windows come with many technology based options that can reduce the amount of solar light that enters your home. Not only does this reduce the heat in your house, it also protects fabrics and furniture from excessive UV damage.

  1. Installation

No matter what kind of windows you purchase, one of the most important factors in energy efficiency in your home is the installation. Windows that are poorly installed allow space for a draft to occur, releasing air conditioning from your home. Make sure that you have your windows professionally installed to give them a tight fit and maximum insulation.

If you are still unsure about whether or not vinyl windows in Dallas, TX are the right choice for you, it is always wise to speak to a window professional. At Foster Exteriors Window Company, our team of highly trained professionals is ready to answer any questions you may have and point you in the direction of the perfect windows for your home. Not only can our professionals introduce you to the many window models available, but they can also offer you a free quote. To receive your quote, simply dial (214) 319—8400 or visit us in person at 1350 North Buckner Boulevard #216 Dallas, Texas. We look forward to you meeting you and helping you find the perfect windows for your home.