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When you live in Richardson, TX, you don’t have to worry about too much cold and ice in the winter. However, the summers can be brutally hot. If you need replacement windows, it is worth your time to look into double or even triple—pane glass for your replacements. In fact, most windows come with double—pane glass as a standard, which wasn’t always the case. Before 1952, single—pane was standard, but the market has shifted towards double—pane for a variety of reasons.

What is Double—Pane Glass?
This type of glass is just what it sounds like. Two panes of glass are connected and welded into the frame in a side by side pattern. Then, they are set into the frame like any other window. The glass sometimes just has air between the panes for further insulation. Other times, it will feature argon gas or another gas to give extra insulating properties.

Why is Double—Pane Popular?
When you have two panes of glass on your replacement windows, you have a lot of benefits in your home. First, there’s a great deal more sound insulation than there is with just one pane of glass. Second, your glass will be more wind resistant, which can be great on those high wind days. And third, energy efficiency is greatly improved just by one pain of glass. You can retain your cool air in the summer with ease when there’s an extra pane on every window.

Are There Financial Advantages?
Experts estimate that you can save 18—24 percent on your heating and cooling costs because of high end, double pane windows. The highest quality windows can save you upwards of 30%. So yes, extra panes cost more, but you end up saving a lot more on the other side as well.

Are There Downsides to Extra Panes?
No! Double and triple—pane windows are widely available and buying them is simple, fast and easy. You will spend a few extra dollars up front, but you’ll get that back in a matter of months. Also, keep in mind that if there’s a storm or a misled ball, two or three panes reinforce each other and are less likely to break and leave internal damage for you to deal with.

Finding the Right Replacement Windows
If you are trying to decide between double and triple—pane windows, it can help to talk to a window expert. In Richardson, TX, those experts are easy to find at Foster Exteriors. Just give us a call at 214—319—8400 and we can set up a no obligation, free consultation for you. We can go over the differences in the benefits of double pane windows Richardson, TX and triple—pane glass so you get what you need for your home. We understand every home is different and you may have different goals than your neighbor. You can also stop by and see our windows in person at our showroom located at 1350 N Buckner Blvd#216, Dallas, TX 75218. We are looking forward to working on replacement windows with you!

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