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Ensuring Home Security with Vinyl Windows

There’s nothing you want more for your home than security. Home is a place you should be able to relax and feel safe. Whether you’re home or not, you don’t want anyone to come in that isn’t invited. Your windows are an easy access point for those in McKinney, TX who might want to break in. Glass can be broken and windows can be pried open. They are huge targets for intruders. So what can you do to make sure your windows are as secure as possible? Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Check Window Locks

Check the window’s locks regularly and make sure they are solid and work well. Old or cheap locks are easy for intruders to break through. Lock your windows and then try to push it open from the outside and see what happens. If it’s easy to breach, get new locks.

  1. Check for Gaps

Look at your windows from the outside and check for gaps between the windows and the frames. Any gaps you can see are easy places that someone could use to pry open the window. Those gaps are also likely letting air in and out of your home, killing your energy efficiency.

  1. Ensure Locking

You will want to make sure your windows are always locked when you are not home. Lock all of the windows that show from the front of the house when you are asleep at night as well.

  1. Cut Shrubs

It might sound strange, but you want to make sure your windows are clearly visible. Any intruder that can hide behind a shrub and pry a window open is more likely to try it and get away with it. If the windows are visible, someone might see them trying and they are less likely to make the attempt.

  1. New Vinyl Windows

If your windows are old and easy to break (if they have single pane glass) the best thing you can do for your security is get new, vinyl windows. Vinyl windows are strong and their technology allows them to seal well with your home so there are no gaps that can be pried open by someone who wants to get inside. They also come with double or triple pane glass, which is much harder to break than a single pane. Making the investment can raise your security to a whole new level so you can feel safe inside your home again.

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