If Windows Could Talk…

Some houses talk, don’t they? The floors squeak and the ceilings rattle. If your house has groans of its own, do you wonder what it is trying to tell you? Perhaps a little maintenance here and there can take care of the sounds. Or maybe you like them! If your windows in your Dallas, TX home could talk, what do you think they would say? Here are a few possibilities…

I’m tired!

You think being a parent is an all— day, everyday job…try being a window! Windows have to work hard against the Dallas, TX elements at every hour of the day or night. They have to keep out the hot, humid air, intruders, rain, and anything else that tries to get in. After a decade or more of hard, 24 hours—a—day, 7 days—a—week work, they simply get tired and worn out. What can you do about that? Retire them! They deserve it! New windows can take over and use their youthful nature to do a better job.

I don’t feel well…

Older windows that haven’t been well maintained will have a variety of issues. Perhaps the locks stick or maybe the windows are hard to open or close. There may be parts that are rusty and just plain worn out. The window isn’t in the prime of its life any longer. Any time the window isn’t in good condition, it is opening your home up to potential dangers and, at the very least, the outside elements. If your window doesn’t fell well, you can try having an expert come out and offer a fix, kind of like a window doctor. But sometimes, the best thing you can do is get new windows that are in perfect health.

I give up!

Older windows may have done an okay job keeping out the elements when they were young and new, but now, they just can’t hold up against the hot Texas air any longer. As they start to form leaks and cracks, it’s almost like they simply give up on their jobs as home insulators. In those cases, you can try new weather stripping and caulking, but you will probably be better off getting new windows. Once a window starts to leak, it’s the beginning of the end for that window.

If you listen to your windows carefully and watch for all the signs, you may very well be able to hear what they are trying to tell you. If you aren’t sure you speak ‘window,’ that’s okay! It’s not a language everyone knows! But the professionals at Foster Exteriors are fluent and we will come to your home for a free in—home consultation and offer our translation of your window’s words.

Call Foster Exteriors today at 214—319—8400. You won’t be able to hold the phone up to your windows and get answers, but we’ll find a way to figure out the right solution for your home together. You can also stop by and see the new windows Plano, TX products we offer. Our showroom is located at 1350 N Buckner Blvd#216, Dallas, TX 75218.

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