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Key Benefits of Aluminum Windows

So you are ready to replace your old windows. Now you face a decision—what type of material are you going to choose? Have you considered aluminum? We know what you are thinking. While they used to be a staple for low budget housing, modern aluminum windows have come a long way since the 70’s and 80’s. This is why they are still popular among homeowners today. Here are a few reasons to give them a closer look.

Low Maintenance

You will not need to sand and refinish your aluminum windows, as you would with wood frames. Even under harsh conditions, aluminum can hold up. The material does not swell, crack, warp, or split with time and exposure to the elements.

Environmentally Friendly

Over a year aluminum windows can save you almost three times the carbon dioxide emissions, if you own an average sized, gas heated or cooled home. Those savings will triple if you have an electrically cooled or heated home. Not to mention, aluminum is one of the most highly recyclable materials in the world. This sustainable option is great for those homeowners looking to go green.

Energy Efficient

It is common knowledge that aluminum conducts heat and cold. This means many replacement window shoppers abandon aluminum as an option. What they don’t realize is these high—performance windows not only meet energy standards but often exceed them. Modern aluminum frames have insulation, thermal breaks, and multiple panes of glass to help keep you comfortable indoors.


Aluminum windows are extremely light, but also strong. Unlike wood and vinyl windows Dallas, TX, these can hold larger panes with fewer muntins. You get slim sight lines and more expansive views. This means aluminum windows can come in a larger variety of configurations. Aluminum windows are also more impact—resistant. This is important if you live in an area with high winds.


Wood and fiberglass windows are often the most expensive. Aluminum is more affordable. Prices will vary depending on style and size, but usually, this option will give you the most bang for your buck.


Because the material is so flexible, we can customize your aluminum windows to perfectly match the interior and exterior of your home. The powder coating gives these windows a sleek, attractive finish in a variety of colors to coordinate with your design tastes. Best of all, your windows will not require any oiling, staining, or painting.

When are Aluminum Windows Ideal?

If you are looking for sleek, strong windows that will improve energy savings and reduce your carbon footprint, then look no further. Aluminum windows are resilient, corrosion resistant, and economical. You get strong, sustainable, beautiful windows in the color and style of your choice.

Choosing Foster Exteriors for Aluminum Windows

We have been installing high—quality windows for nearly thirty years. We guarantee quality materials, quality workmanship, and quality service. Best of all, you can rely on our staff to assist you during every phase of the process.

If you think you might like aluminum windows, or would just like to learn more about the products we offer, visit us at 1350 N. Buckner Blvd. #216, Dallas, TX 75218 or call (214) 319—8400.