Kids, Pets, And Replacement Windows

You love your children more than anything else in this world. If you don’t have any kids, you may have fur babies that you adore. If you only have a fish…you don’t have to worry about how your replacement windows in Plano, TX will impact them. But when you have animals and/or children, you will want to make your investment worthwhile. Consider your pets, your kids, everyone’s safety, comfort, and every other aspect you can get into when you get into the window replacement process.

Train Pets And Kids Prior To Replacement

Your kids and pets need to be safe around windows, both old and new. With older windows, you want them to stay away for safety reasons. Older windows might slam shut and break glass, for example. With new windows, they still need to act with care, so they don’t damage anything. IT’s best to train them so they don’t mess with the windows as a whole. Your pets should play ball outside and your kids shouldn’t play catch near the windows, for example.

Don’t Put Furniture Near Windows

You know your dog would love to stand on top of the couch when you are gone and look out the window. But what if he sees a squirrel and forgets the window is there. That could be damaging to both the window and the dog. Kids also get brave as they age, and you never know what they might climb. You want to be able to see out of your windows and place your furniture in a good place, but you might want to keep the couch away from the windows so no little ones or little animals can climb into a dangerous spot.

Don’t Get Cords

When you get new windows, you might get new window coverings at that same time. Those are great projects to combine. In order to keep both your kids and your pets safe, it’s a good idea to get window coverings that don’t have cords. Consider window shutters or blinds or shades that are cordless in nature. If you do get cords, make sure they have a hanger or some way you can place them up, so no one gets tangled and hurt in them.

Consider Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are great if you have pets and/or kids because you can ventilate the house with ease by opening the top half of the window and leaving the bottom half closed. Fresh air comes in, but your little ones and little pets are safe and sound and won’t fall out an open window below.

If you have kids and pets, you want to consider their needs and their safety in every replacement window project in Plano, TX. Talk to the professionals at Foster Exteriors Window Company, either when you walk through the showroom or when you call for a free consultation. We’re here to help and we will keep your kids and pets in mind and prioritize their safety and comfort as much as you do throughout the process.

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