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Playing Family Feud…With Your Windows!

Have you seen the game show ‘Family Feud?’ You know, they get two families together on opposite sides and ask them questions. Whoever can guess the most popular right answers on the board based on surveys they have conducted goes on to the bonus round. What if you were on the show? Wouldn’t that be fun for your family? And what if all the questions related to windows? How would you do? Let’s find out!

Welcome to Family Feud, Foster Exteriors style! Good luck to both families! First question on the board, what are the most popular reasons people replace their windows? Ready, families? Go!

Beep (that was you pushing your button, by the way, so you could chime in with an answer!)

Energy Efficiency!

Yippee! That’s actually the most popular answer on the board! Smart homeowners are always looking for ways to increase the energy efficiency of their houses so they can save money on their utility bills and do something positive for the environment. If you get new windows, you are accomplishing both! Whether they have old, inefficient windows or simply want to take advantage of new technology that helps with efficiency even further, getting new windows for energy efficient reasons is a great idea.

Your family now gets to play and chime in with new answers to see if they can fill up the rest of the board. The next person in line gets a chance and has an answer in mind.

To increase comfort!

Right again! The answer is on the board! Many families find that after years of having old windows, they simply aren’t comfortable in their homes any longer. The windows are leaky and drafty and they just don’t hold the temperature level in the house. But new windows can take care of all that. You won’t have to worry about hot Dallas drafts on your neck any longer when you are inside. And you’ll be able to keep a steady temperature at all times with ease.

Okay, next person in line, do you have an answer?


Absolutely! That’s very important and definitely on the board! Aesthetics is a big part of the overall value of your home. When you put in new windows Plano, TX, you raise the curb appeal outside and give the inside an overhaul in appearance as well! New windows give you a whole new upgraded look inside and out.

I’m sorry, folks, there are tons of more answers on the board, but we have run out of time on Foster Exteriors Family Feud Windows Style for today. If you want to find out more of the answers, or you’re simply ready to get started on the process, give Foster Exteriors a call today at 214—319—8400. We’ll answer any questions you have about new windows, no matter what your reason is for wanting them. You can also visit us at 1350 N Buckner Blvd#216, Dallas, TX 75218. You can browse the window options we have available and see what’s best for your home!