Preparing For Your Replacement Windows’ Installation

It takes time and effort to find the right replacement windows in Plano, TX and you will want to concentrate on every important decision you make so you can get just what you need for the project and your home. Once you have the right windows on order, you can then shift your thinking and prepare for the window installation. Here are some of the things that you will need to do before your installer arrives.

Take Down Those Coverings

The technicians need to be able to get to the windows and that means any coverings you have over the windows have to come down. If you plan to put these coverings back up over the new windows, you will want to take them down gently and with great care. Otherwise, you can just remove the windows and start looking into the options for new coverings to go along with your new windows.

Remove Pictures From Window Walls

Another thing you will want to take down is any pictures you have on the walls that share windows on them. The walls might rattle and move a bit and that can cause the pictures to jump off their nails. You don’t want anything to break so it’s best to take those things down so they will be safe during the installation process.

Clear Paths To All Windows

The installers are going to have to get to the windows in order to get to work. You will want to clean paths from your door to every window they will be working on. It might be easy, in some instances, because the paths are already clear. But you might have some clutter in other rooms that needs to move in order to make that path clear so the installers can get right to work once they arrive.

Move Furniture Away From Windows

If you have a couch up against a window or a chair that sits next to another one, you will want to move those pieces away from the windows. That will help you to make room for the installers and protect your furniture at the same time. You can also cover those items if you want to prevent them from having too much dust building up on them during the process.

replacement windows in Plano, TXHave Projects For Yourself

While it’s not required for you to be at home while the installation process takes place, the installers do prefer for you to be around just in case anything arises and they have questions that need to be covered right away. If you are going to be home, plan some projects for yourself so you can keep busy while the installers work. There are likely things you can do to organize certain rooms or you can bring work home from the office to do.

When the replacement windows in Plano, TX arrive, you are going to have to have the installation done as the last part of the process. Get ready for it and things will go well.

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