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The Materials Matter Most on Frisco, TX Windows

Deciding on window replacement in Frisco, TX for your home brings a lot of choices into the picture. You have to decide whether you want a casement or double-hung and you have to choose just the right color, too. There are tons of decisions, small and large. But the most important decision you will make is probably the first one you will make…what material will you buy? Windows aren’t something you replace very often and the material on the frame is highly important. Take a look at some of the options on the market before you move forward.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are currently the most popular material for window frames and they are one of the newest as well. They are highly energy-efficient and because of their popularity, they have plenty of style options today. They are also inexpensive, which makes them affordable for most homeowners. Their price level doesn’t mean they are “cheap” and, in fact, they are very high in quality. Vinyl windows are also maintenance-free with no painting necessary over their ears of use. They’re durable and long—lasting as well, making them a great option for most homes in Texas. Some homeowners simply prefer other looks over vinyl, but they work well on any style of home.

Wood Windows

Wood windows are also a very popular option because of their welcoming, warm beauty, but they are also the most expensive choice. They work well in historic homes that want to keep an original look and the natural look is easy to customize and change at any time. Wood is a good insulator, but it does require maintenance every few years to maintain its appearance and qualities.

Aluminum Windows

These windows have plenty of aesthetics options and you will often see them in apartments or condominiums. Their durability and slim profile allow more glass surface that works well with a lot of different styles. They do transfer heat, however, and aren’t always the most energy-efficient option in the heat of the Texas sun.

Fiberglass Windows

These windows can look just like wood, but they don’t come with the maintenance that wood requires. They also have slender frames with more glass space, but they are costly and not as energy efficient for hot locations.

These are just a few of the options on the market and you may feel as if Frisco, TX vinyl windows are the right fit for you. If you believe that, or you aren’t sure yet, contact Foster Exteriors at 214—319—8400 for a free consultation and let’s talk over the options. We believe you can’t go wrong with vinyl and we have enough options under that category to satisfy any home. Let’s go through the details you need in your home and find the perfect fit. You can stop by and browse some of our vinyl windows at 1350 N Buckner Blvd#216, Dallas, TX 75218 where our showroom has plenty in stock for you to see. We’ll show you around and answer your questions!