The Window Installation Process

There are a lot of time—related things that go into new windows. First, you have to put time and effort into finding the right company to help you. Then you have to make a bunch of decisions about specifics, all of which take time and effort as well. The final step is the actual installation of the windows into your McKinney, TX home. Once you get to that point, you probably want to have the whole project over with so you can move on and start to enjoy the benefits you know new windows will bring. So how long will it all take? Here are some details to help you figure things out.

Project Timeframe

The timeframe for replacing windows varies for a number of reasons. It might depend on the company you work with, the time of year, and what you end up ordering. You can count on your windows arriving between 4 and 8 weeks after you order them. The installation itself will take a day or two, depending on how many windows you have to install. Each window takes around 30 minutes, and installers remove and replace the windows one at a time rather than taking them all out and then going back and replacing them.

Prior to Installation

There are processes that go along with installation that actually take place before the installation occurs. Before the installers come with the windows, someone will take measurements at your house and make sure they have all of the right items for the installation. They will review everything with you and set things up correctly. This is almost the most important part of the installation, even though no installing is actually done at this point.

During the Installation

The installation crew will cover as much of your flooring and furniture with drop cloths as they can, and they will take old windows out and replace them. Once everything is completed, they’ll clean—up and a crewmember will take you around and have you inspect the job they have done. They won’t leave until you have given them the okay.

After the Installation

You shouldn’t feel that once the installers leave your home, the company’s job is done. You don’t’ want to work with a company that leaves you behind the second the windows are in. Instead, choose Foster Exteriors and you’ll have the help you need long term. We’re happy to answer your maintenance questions and solve any problems you have with your new windows McKinney, TX, even after they have been installed. To get started on the process, give us a call at 214—319—8400. We know getting new windows can be quite a project, and we’re here to work around your busy schedule on a timeline that works best for you. Let’s go over some of the installation details in person! Stop by and see us at 1350 N Buckner Blvd#216, Dallas, TX 75218 and we’ll describe the project to you bit by bit.

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