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What are the Benefits of Low—E Glass?

When you are getting new windows for your Richardson, TX home, you already know there are a lot of options. Do you go with vinyl windows or should you get aluminum? Do you want double or triple pane glass? What color and style windows should you choose? Once you go through all of those options, you still aren’t done. Picking a number of panes you put on your glass is just one decision on the glass. Now you need to think about if you want Low—E glass or not. There are many benefits for choosing Low—E coated glass for your vinyl windows.


Key Takeaways:

  • Low-E windows are designed to reduce the amount of ultraviolet (UV) light in your house, which helps protect your carpet, furniture, wood floors, curtains, and paint from fading.
  • Low-E windows can also be used to prevent your skin from getting burned by the sun while you are indoors.
  • Low E windows block infrared light and UV light, but one other vital component makes up the solar spectrum: visible light. Of course, they will reduce visible light slightly compared to a clear glass pane—but plenty of natural light will still enter the room.


Low—E Glass Benefits

—UV Ray Reduction

The first thing you will get from Low—E glass is a reduction in the UV rays that can enter your home through the house. When you live in Richardson, TX, you know how hot the sun can burn. Sometimes you want that warm sun coming in through your windows, but you don’t want the damaging rays to fade your flooring and furniture. Low—E coatings can help you allow the sun in without grabbing any of the damage it can do.

—Higher Comfort Levels

The sun is hot in Texas! You know it will be outside, but it shouldn’t bother you inside too. These coatings can help reduce the radiant heat that comes into your home from the sun. On a nice summer day, you can leave your shades open without worrying about too much heat from the sun.

—Energy Savings

Low—E glass coatings can help reduce the amount of time your heating and cooling systems have to run. Since the sun isn’t causing excess heat in the summer because of the coating, the air will run less. That translates into less energy used and smaller utility bills.

—Possession Protection

Since the coating keeps UV rays out, your possessions are protected. You don’t have to worry about the antique furniture, the new carpet, the quilts, or anything else. There won’t be long—term sun damage to your items when you have Low—E glass.

—Appearance Options

Some manufacturers offer decorative coated glass as options for your vinyl windows. Not only do you get all of the above benefits, but you also get another aesthetic option that could make a big difference in your home!

Low—E glass is a type of coated glass that is highly beneficial if you consider energy efficiency a top priority for your home. The glass keeps the heat out in the summer and retains heat in the winter. You are more comfortable all year long while your bills get smaller.

If you are interested in Low—E glass for your vinyl windows Richardson, TX, contact Foster Exteriors today at 214—319—8400. We will happily tell you all about Low—E glass coatings and give you other options as well so you can make the best decision for your Richardson, TX home. Stop by our showroom to see vinyl windows in person! We’re located at 1350 N Buckner Blvd#216, Dallas, TX 75218.