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What Costs Determine The Window Replacement Bottom Line?

What Costs Determine The Window Replacement Bottom Line?

Once you get a budget together for your window replacement in Dallas, TX, you aren’t completely done with the number portion of the project. Unfortunately, you can’t just set that part aside and work on the other details. You will want to know what costs go into the window replacement so you know where you can spend more and where you should perhaps spend less. Here are a few details that will go into the bottom line:


This is a cost that you never want to skimp on. When you have professional installers working on your windows, you’ll get a job well done—and that’s always what you want. Even if you get the best windows on the market, they won’t do their job unless they are placed into your house in the proper manner. That’s what installers can do if they know what they’re doing. Make sure they have guarantees to back up their work and lots of experience.

Window Details—A—Plenty

The windows themselves are going to be the other side of the bulk costs on the job. There are a lot of details that go into the windows and every detail you choose has a cost to it. You’ll see those costs on the bottom line when you get that initial estimate. Some of the costs include things like the frame material. Vinyl is the least expensive, but the highest in efficiency so many homeowners go that direction. The window sizes also matter. Your large bay or bow window is going to cost more than the small, narrow window in the bathroom. The glass options you choose are also going to make a difference. Double pane glass is standard, but if you upgrade to triple pane, it will cost more. You can also get inert gas fillings, low—E coatings, and other upgrades that will have an impact on the price. And even something as small as the hardware can impact the overall bottom line. There are standard options, but there are limitless upgrades that can really make your windows shine as unique and suitable to your home.

These are the two main details that go into the overall project costs: installation and window details. But there are a lot of things to decide underneath those items and you might want professionals, like those at Foster Exteriors Window Company to help you make decisions. Sit down and figure out your budget for the replacement windows in Dallas, TX and then call us at (214) 319-8400 and we can help you fit together the windows you need at a price you can afford, complete with professional installation, of course. You can visit with us in person in our showroom and have a look around at some of the window samples we offer. We’re located at 1350 N Buckner Blvd #216 Dallas, TX 75218 and we encourage you to come in to get started no matter what stage of the process you might be in.