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replacement windows in Plano, TX

Why Are New Windows Eco-Friendly?

There are a lot of reasons why you might want replacement windows in Plano, TX and one of the many reasons is to do something friendly to the environment. You know that there are a lot of places where you use energy and you want to cut back and do something good for your home, your family, and the environment as a whole. When you get new windows, it’s a very eco-friendly project in a number of ways. Here are a few to consider.

The Home Is More Insulated

When you put in new windows, even if they are standard windows, they are going to insulate your home further. The more insulation you have, the better off your home will be with energy use. You won’t be leaking energy out of the house and you will actually use what you put into the house instead of wasting any of it.

Sunlight Can Be Controlled

Older windows might stream sunlight into the house, which might feel nice, but can also ramp up the heat in the home. When you get window replacements, you can add an upgrade called low-E glass. This coating on the glass is a thin metallic that blocks the heat of the sun while allowing the light to come through. You can control the sun’s light a lot better and reduce the heat in your home, which means you will have to use less energy to cool the home. In the winter, you won’t have to heat as much, either, to obtain the temperature you want for the house.

Lights Are Used Less

New windows are going to let more natural light in because they have smaller frames and larger glass space. When you have more light in your home, you won’t have to turn the lights on inside the house in order to see well. The less you use your lights, the less energy you will use, which helps the environment as well as your energy bills.

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Drafts Are Gone

When you are in a room with the windows closed and the fans off and you still feel a draft, that’s not a good sign. New windows are going to take that draft away and that will help you to save energy in a big way. Drafts mean there’s air leaking both in and out of your house. Your HVAC has to work longer and harder to make up the difference. When you don’t have those drafts, the HVAC gets a break, you actually use energy instead of wasting it, and you’re more comfortable all at the same time.

When you are thinking about taking on an eco-friendly project in your house, getting replacement windows in Plano, TX is one of the best things to consider. The professionals at Foster Exteriors Window Company are here to help you figure out how to make the most of the project. You can have a free consultation with us, either in our showroom or in your home to get you started in the right direction.