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The Summer Months Without Replacement Windows

Window Replacement Deters Pests

While you know window replacement in Dallas, TX can increase your energy efficiency and make your home look fresh and new, did you know it can also deter pests from having their way with your home? There are a number of things you could look at as a pest that window replacement will stop. Here are a few to remember:


During certain times of the year, Dallas has plenty of bugs to go around. Whether you’re taking about little gnats, mosquitos, flies, or other bugs, you don’t want them in your house. Your old windows might have gaps around them that let air and even water in. If that’s the case, there are certainly holes big enough for insects to get in as well. Old, ripped screens on old windows can certainly do the job as well. Window replacement can seal things up around your windows so nothing gets through to bug you inside.


Intruders are more than pests, but they certainly aren’t something you want in your house, either. Older windows are easy to pry open since the locks aren’t as safe as newer ones today. They can also be broken since the glass is much weaker than new models hold. If you want to deter intruders from entering your home, you need window replacement that keeps them away. They’ll see the windows, know they’re hard to breach, and walk away from the situation.

Outside Noise

It sure is hard to relax when all you can hear is the neighbor’s dog barking or the kids down the street screaming and playing. You don’t mind those noises when you’re outside, but when you’re in your house, you want peace and quiet. Window replacement can help you get the peace you want by shoring up your sound barrier. Newer windows come with at least double pane glass and you can upgrade to triple pane glass, if you’d like. You can also get inert gas fillings and other options that make the sound barrier between you and the outside world even thicker.

The world is full of pests and these are just a few that might get through your old windows on occasion. While you want your home to be safe and comfortable, you may not feel fully secure with your peace until you get new windows.

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