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Window Replacement Is The Only Answer

Window Replacement Is The Only Answer

There are a lot of home improvement projects in your house that might have more than one possible answer. Do you completely remodel the bathroom, or do you renovate and update the one you have? As the homeowner, you get to decide the answer to any home improvement question. However, there are instances when Rowlett, TX window replacement is not only the best answer, but really the only answer to a growing problem. Here are a few instances in which you desperately need new windows.

Your Windows Won’t Open And Close

It’s annoying to try to open a window for fresh air only to find it’s stuck shut. Wood windows can swell as the years go by and they can warp into place. They can also get stuck if they are painted improperly and the paint dries them shut for eternity. While it’s annoying not to be able to ventilate your house, it’s a much larger problem than that. Imagine if your home were to catch fire and you and your family needed emergency exits—and didn’t have any. You don’t want your lack of window replacement to become a potential tragedy. Window replacement is the only answer in this situation. Once the new windows go in, you’ll enjoy the opening and closing function on a regular basis.

Your Windows Are Rotting Away

If you can push on certain areas of wood around your windows and feel it squish beneath your finger, the frames are rotting and that’s never a good thing. Where there’s rotting, there’s moisture getting through and that not only rots the frames, but can cause mold and mildew in the house, which is a health hazard. When you see rotting wood around your windows, you know it doesn’t look good, but it’s a danger to your home as well. Window replacement is really the only answer to this problem and it’s one you’ll be glad you found once the new windows are installed. They’ll look great, save you money on energy bills, and keep your family safe.

Your Windows Leak Air Like Crazy

You want to be comfortable in your home, but sometimes, old leaky windows prevent it. You can attempt caulking around your windows to try and stop leaks, but there comes a point in a window’s life that nothing will stop the air from coming through other than window replacement. If that’s the case in your house, the only answer is the best answer.

If you’ve noticed any of these things in your windows, window replacement in Rowlett, TX may be the only answer that can truly fix your home’s problems. If you’re interested in finding out more about the installation or other parts of the process, contact the experts at Foster Exteriors Window Company by calling (214) 319—8400 for a free consultation. You can also stop by and inspect windows in person at 1350 N Buckner Blvd #216 Dallas, TX 75218. We love to show homeowners around and talk about ratings labels and other choices in the process.