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Window Shopping: Go Vinyl

Vinyl windows used to be the red—headed stepchild of the window market, just as linoleum was widely shunned in comparison to real wood floors. Times are changing, though. Advancements to improve the look and energy efficiency of vinyl window options have moved this once unpopular material way up in popularity. Why? They are typically more affordable, more energy efficient, longer lasting, and less maintenance than other materials like wood or aluminum. Not to mention, they now come with just as many options with regard to aesthetics.

It is important to know what you are looking for.
Like my dad always said, “don’t you go walking into a car dealership unprepared, with no idea what you want.” Of course, Dad. Really, though; do a bit of research. For example, do you want a traditional or a modern look? What is most important to you: longevity, energy efficiency, color? Having at least a tentative baseline will help decision—making be much less overwhelming. This is a starting point.

Style matters.
If there is anything to be learned from the thousands of home—improvement shows I have (admittedly and unashamedly) absorbed, it is this: honoring your home’s style matters. Its architecture and age/time period should be a guide to the type of vinyl window you choose. Plainly, a double—hung window may not be in keeping with the overall style of your home, while internal grids or an awning window fit your home’s style perfectly. Yes, it is absolutely possible to upgrade your windows and downgrade your home’s value if you ignore its style and architecture.

Energy efficiency is all the rage.
This is where vinyl windows in Dallas, TX win the popularity contest. You can choose from dual—paned or multi—chambered frames which create barriers between the indoor and outdoor temperatures. Or, opt for extra—thick, fusion—welded frames and sashes which provide remarkable structural strength. There are many weathertight options. Whatever you choose, research the details and ask the questions you need to ask in order to understand how your vinyl choice can benefit you and act as a long—term investment and money—saver in this way.

Low maintenance is always a plus.
This could almost read “no maintenance.” By comparison, these frames will never need paint (you select the color and/or woodgrain option and the vinyl is basically made—to—order). Vinyl also does not require routine scraping or staining, nor will it ever rot, corrode, or degrade in quality due to moisture or salt air. They will need to be cleaned every so often—but all windows require that.

Choose your installer wisely.
At Fosters Exteriors Window Company, you will experience unmatched professionalism and customer care. Foster is accredited with The Better Business Bureau (BBB) and hold an A+ rating.The staff members at Foster want to help you to create your dream home without overspending or becoming overwhelmed. With Fosters, you will never feel pressured to buy their windows. They are here in the Dallas area to help you with your new or replacement windows project, so give them a call to set up a consultation and do not forget to ask them about their Lifetime Limited Warranty!

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