Top 9 Reasons Vinyl Exterior Windows are More Popular than Wood or Metal

Choosing new or replacement windows in Dallas, TX can be a stressful task: which is best? where do I shop? what is an affordable and quality product? vinyl or wood or metal?

We can make it easy for you: vinyl is the way to go and the below list outlines the top nine reasons why vinyl windows have become so popular, whether as an upgrade to a home or office or for first—time home builders.

  1. Budget Friendly. If we are being honest with ourselves, cost is our first consideration and final deciding factor when choosing new or replacement windows for our homes and office spaces (and anything else, for that matter). So, when it comes to window—shopping (pun intended), vinyl is the smartest choice for your wallet. In fact, vinyl windows are the most affordable on the market by a wide margin.
  2. Quality. Not only is vinyl is the least expensive option of all window materials, they are also, in fact, quality. Vinyl will not rust, warp, or rot. Not to mention, choosing vinyl will ensure you will not have to deal with termite damage down the road.
  3. Weather Resistant. Wooden windows shrink and expand in the heat and moisture of extreme weather, which creates tiny gaps along the paneling for heat to escape during the cold months and conditioned air to escape in the summer. Vinyl maintains its shape/size. It is strong, durable, and weather tight.
  4. Pest Control. Husbands, here is your selling point when your wives want the most expensive option because of vanity. As mentioned, vinyl is a material which will not rot or change size/shape due to the seasons changing. So, spring can unleash all its nasty bugs on your neighborhood, and none of them will be able to find a window crevice to squeeze through. I know; I should have lead with this point.
  5. Energy Efficiency. With the global rise in interest regarding environmental responsibility, this is one of the hottest selling points out there. Any small change we can make to shrink our carbon footprint, right?
  6. Monetary Savings. Whether you are a tree—hugging environmentalist or not, these windows will conserve energy = money saved on your electricity bill each month. Because vinyl is often typically double— or triple—paned, these windows will reduce your heating and cooling costs each year.
  7. Less Noise. Let it rain! These windows are not going to echo noise throughout your home in a storm, as would metal frames. Additionally, as mentioned, most vinyl windows are double— or triple—paned,which means maximum soundproofing.
  8. Low maintenance. Enough said, right? Windows made of vinyl are almost completely scratch—resistant and will never require painting, staining, sanding, or any other maintenance—related cost to your wallet. This means they will look as good in ten years as the day they were installed.
  9. Variety. There are, literally, hundreds of colors and finishes to choose from. You can go as modern or as traditional as you desire. These days, vinyl windows are being manufactured with wood grain technology, if the wooden look is desired. Note: no one will know the difference. Choose from Single Hung, Double Hung, Bay & Bow, Casement & Awning, Sliding &End vent Sliding, Picture, and Geometric.

So, there you have it. Vinyl for the win! Happy Window Shopping! If you are in the Dallas, TX area, consider checking out the below reputable company to help you choose the perfect vinyl exterior windows for your home or office.

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