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replacement windows in Plano, TX

Are Your Windows Leaking Air?

Older windows can be all sorts of trouble. You may not know what your windows are doing because you don’t think about them that often, but if you are considering replacement windows in Plano, TX, it’s good to know whether or not you really need them. If your windows are leaking air, then yes, you likely need new windows. If you don’t feel the draft across your neck when you are sitting on the couch, there are other ways to find out whether or not the windows are leaking air. Here are some tests you can do yourself to judge what you might want to do in terms of replacements.

The ’Hand By The Window’ Test

Wait for a breezy day and hold your hand by the windows. Can you feel air coming through? You shouldn’t! If you feel the air on your hand, your windows are leaking air in and that means the air inside your home that you are heating or cooling is also getting out. You are wasting energy and you might want that to stop so you can lower your energy bills and have higher comfort in your home at the same time.

The ‘Watch The Paper’ Test

Hang streamer or even just regular sheets of paper around the window frames and then watch to see if they move around when the wind blows outside. As long as the windows aren’t hit by any of your heating and cooling vents, you will be able to see if the papers are blowing from window air leaks. If the papers blow, even a little bit, air leaks are an issue.

The ‘Look For Water Leaks’ Test

If water can get in, air can get in. Look at your window frames to see if there are water stains on them. Is there any water damage on the floor nearby? On the walls around the windows? Do you see condensation between the glass? You know if you are getting water in through the windows, air can easily come in as well. Water damage can be hard to fix and it can cause mold to grow as well. It’s something you are going to want to deal with right away with replacement windows.

The ’Energy Bill Inspection’ Test

Energy bills are going to fluctuate with the energy prices on the market, but if yours are wildly raising, you likely have air leaks in your windows that need to be repaired. Look at your past energy bills and what they are today. Factor in the rising energy prices. If your bills are higher than average, check your windows more carefully.

replacement windows in Plano TX 9 300x155 - Are Your Windows Leaking Air?The ‘Professional Advice’ Test

It’s okay if you don’t feel qualified in figuring out whether or not your old windows need to be replaced. There’s never a bad time to call the professionals and have them come over for a free assessment and consultation. They will let you know what leaks might be happening and whether or not replacement windows in Plano, TX are in your best interest.