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Beating the Dallas Heat – Your Windows Matter

Texas heat is a unique discomfort. If you are a Texan or a Southerner of any kind, you know this. There is such importance in remaining cool during the hot months, especially at home. This is why choosing the right window for your home with state—of—the—art thermal performance can make all the difference in regulating comfortable temperatures indoor, no matter how smoldering it is outside.

Sure, insulation matters in your walls. But if you have cheap or single—chambered windows, you are losing your air—conditioning to the heat, and your electricity bill right along with it.

So what do you look for, especially those of you also residing in hot climates? Here is a helpful list to help guide you in determining whether your windows are helping you stay cool in the summer months or not.

  1. Do your windows meet the stringent 2016 Energy Star requirements?This is, essentially, a prestigious label window manufacturers want to earn with their products. In order for exterior window companies to boast that their windows meet these requirements, they must prove a multitude of specifications, including significant energy savings over time and recouped upfront costs after purchasing a more expensive, yet energy efficient, window option.
  2. How old are your current windows? For some materials, such as vinyl and metal, age will matter much less than if your home is framed with wooden windows. Over time, if not treated and maintained properly or if installed by a less—than—reputable company, wooden windows can warp from extreme weather and degrade quickly in thermal and structural performance.
  3. Do you have a Lifetime Warranty? Most exterior window companies have some sort of warranty—use yours! Go back to your installer or your paperwork and see what details are included so you can get the most from your purchase and stay cool and comfortable in your home.
  4. Are your windows double—paned or multi—chambered? These features help trap dead/hot air as a barrier and minimize temperature changes indoors.
  5. Do you have aluminum or vinyl windows? If not, maybe it is time to consider one of these options, especially in an extreme climate. These materials are known for their energy efficiency and designed specifically for all weather conditions, including the Texas heat.
  6. Were your windows manufactured by a company based in an extreme climate? This may or may not have an influence on the variety of weathertight options a company has in its repertoire; however, it is worth considering and looking into. For example, if you are from Texas (or one of the other dangerously hot states), perhaps a company which manufactures windows in Oregon does not have the same market demands to “beat the heat” as does the Central South.
  7. Do your research. Read reviews, and not only the reviews on a specific company website. Use the Web to your benefit and see what thermal—related issues or praises your windows have received from other customers.

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