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Environmental Responsibility Begins at Home with Your Windows

Have you ever given thought to your current or future home’s energy efficiency? When most of us think about environmental responsibility, we immediately think about the vehicles we drive. Yes, we should be mindful of what and how often we drive. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), however, our homes are a much bigger environmental concern, on average, than the emissions coming from our vehicles. In general, homes are significantly larger than the average daily—use vehicle and require nearly constant energy use to maintain typical comfort and functionality expectations. They require maintenance and gas and electricity and water… The list seems endless.

If concerning yourself with the Earth’s health is not enough to convince you, consider how closely tied our health is to the quality of the air we breathe. The air quality indoors affects us just as much as the air quality outdoors. Our windows need to be part of the protective barrier between our families and the air outside (i.e.: instances of smog warnings/emergencies). Additionally, old homes and windows can actually release hazardous toxins and chemicals into our living spaces—while we breathe them in, unknowingly.

So, to make immediate changes to our environmental footprints, we can start by making smart decisions during the home buying or building process and home improvement purchases. For starters, we need to choose energy—efficient windows. Protecting the environment is up to us, after all. The less energy efficient our windows, the more damage we allow to our atmosphere.

These days, choosing the right company with environmentally conscious products is essential. High—quality Dallas, TX vinyl windows are a must in conserving energy, reducing drafts and fluctuations in temperature. Foster Exteriors Window Company wants to help you become more Earth—Friendly. This environmentally conscious company is based in Dallas, with multiple locations all over the Dallas area, and makes it a priority to provide state of the art, energy efficient windows. Though it is easy to choose the cheapest window option for your home, the long—term effects on the environment (and your bank account) are not worth being overly frugal and short—sighted.

For those of you shopping for new homes or designing your dream home, please be responsible with your choice of windows. Here are few tips to ensure you are honoring the planet you love and the family members you want to be their healthiest:

  • Angled windows avoid summer heat and maximize the sun’s weaker heat in the winter, essentially assisting your heating/air—conditioning units
  • Double—paned and multi—chambered windows provide thicker barriers for thermal conservation by trapping “dead” air and getting rid of the “draftiness” of non—energy efficient windows
  • Double—glazed windows are energy efficient and widely available, and often cut heat loss in the home in half
  • Look for the 2016 Energy Star label (note: Foster Exteriors Window Company has earned this with their products)
  • Remember: windows made of high quality and longer lasting materials reduce waste in the long—run because they do not require as much maintenance and will not need to be replaced as often

The crew at Fosters Exteriors Window Company would love to talk with you about how your windows meet state of the art environmentally—friendly requirements. Give us a call to set up a consultation.

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