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Can Ceilings Look Taller Without Renovations?

Older homes often have lower ceilings and that can have a big impact on what the home looks and feels like overall. There are many different tricks you can try to make the ceilings look farther away, including getting replacement windows in Plano, TX. Here are some other things to try or think about when you have the goal of making your home look larger, more open, and welcoming for your family and any guests you have coming through.

Floor To Ceiling Curtains Or Drapes

Most homeowners assume that when they hang curtains, they are going to cover the windows, so they get curtains that fit those windows. However, if you get curtains or drapes that run from the floor all the way to the ceiling, even if the windows under them are smaller, the walls will look elongated. The ceilings are going to look farther away and that optical illusion can open up the room and allow it to look larger.

Install Higher Curtain Rods

Again, most homeowners place their curtain rods at the top of the windows, but there’s no rule that says you have to do things that way. In fact, you might want to place the curtain rods well above the windows to make the windows feel larger when the curtains are closed. Having the curtain rods closer to the ceiling will help the ceiling look farther away, which can aid you in creating a welcoming space with more room in your house.

Choose Simple Treatments

There’s such a thing as too much and when you put in treatments that are too busy, they can congest the walls and make them look packed together. Instead, choose something simple and classic that will help the ceilings to look farther away. Simple items like roller shades, blinds, and classic white or neutral colors can help to get the effect you want.

Install A Skylight

Skylights can bring lights from above to the ceilings and the rest of the home. That light makes the space look larger and more open. The ceilings look farther away and the part where the skylight is looks infinitely large since you can see the sky.

replacement windows Plano TX 300x200 - Can Ceilings Look Taller Without Renovations?Make Windows Larger

When you replace the windows in your home because you need better energy efficiency in your home, it’s a good chance to make changes at the same time. You might, for example, make the windows larger. That can bring more light into the space and make the room look larger and more open in the first place. Opening up the walls with larger windows also gives you the illusion that the ceiling is farther away than it actually is.

If you are ready for replacement windows in Plano, TX, you might want to talk to the professionals about all of the goals you have for your house so you can see how the windows are a part of meeting those goals. If you want higher ceilings, for example, there are ways that windows can give you that effect.