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Replacement Windows = Instant Home “Face Lift”

We all know what Pinterest and HGTV’s Chip and Joanna Gaines tell us about improving the curb—appeal of our homes: neutral paint, clean landscaping, a red front door… As a newlywed, I can personally attest to the constant waves of nesting I experience, which give way to wanting new and upgraded appliances, rugs, dishware, patterned backsplashes, bay windows, etc. The pressure of showing my new mother—in—law I am fit for her oldest son plays in, too. And, of course, I want to make what was solely mine before I was married now ours. How is that for a justification for giving your home a face—lift? Go on, ladies; use it. You are welcome.

But, really—if you are serious about giving your home a real “face lift,” is it time to start considering Dallas, TX replacement windows to update your home’s look. Whether you want to please your new in—laws or are getting ready to sell or simply want to come home to a fresh, beautiful façade, replacement windows should be high on your list. They are, after all, one of the largest details anyone sees from outside and inside the home.

First impressions matter and windows are the “eyes which tell—all” about a home. That said, increasing the value of your home relies heavily on what potential buyers see from the street—before ever entering to inspect. You want to create a welcoming entrance as guests approach. Run—down and shabby windows make a home appear older (and not in a charming and nostalgic way). No one wants to become the new owners of an eye sore. And to that end, no neighbor wants to live next to one.

Your home should say one of the following sentences to a potential buyer, neighbor, or guest:

  1. I have character
  2. I am luxurious and extravagant
  3. I am unique
  4. I am modern and chic
  5. I am traditional and classic
  6. I am whimsy
  7. I am bold

Now, maybe you never want to sell your home but you do want to take more pride in it. Or, maybe, you live miles from your nearest neighbor (or you hate them, therefore helping to raise the value of their homes is of no interest to you—been there). Fair enough. Go stand outside. Look around. Do you have beautiful views surrounding you but tiny windows hiding them? Is your yard the reason you built/bought your home in the first place, but you have to go outside to enjoy it? If you are anything like me, you pin and share those incredible dream—home photos of houses with entire walls of windows facing the ocean or mountains or farmland. Stop dreaming and start doing! You deserve sweeping windows and views to match.

So, if your windows communicate an old, outdated, sad or unloved vibe, it is time to give your home a face lift. Be sure to start with its eyes.

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