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replacement windows in Plano, TX

Leaking Windows Have Root Causes

If you live in your home long enough, you are going to need replacement windows in Plano, TX. There are lots of other things in your home that need maintenance, attention, and, eventually, replacement. There are ways to tell whether or not your window is failing and if they have air or water leaks in them, that’s one bad sign. There are some items you might be able to repair to get a longer life from your windows while other things might call for a complete replacement. If you feel air coming in through your windows or you notice water stains on the walls around them, you have a leak. But what’s the cause? Here are a few things it might be.

Broken Window Seals Allow Air And Water In

Your windows won’t necessarily look any different when the seals on them are broken, but they will act differently. They might leak air and water, for example. You might also see condensation between the panes of glass, which isn’t a good sign. Seeing moisture inside or outside on the glass is normal, but when it’s between the panes, the seal is likely broken and you need to replace the windows to get better performance from them.

Soft Window Frames

If you have wood windows, you might know that they need maintenance to look nice. But that maintenance is important for their insulating properties as well. If you don’t maintain the windows, the elements can settle into the frames and start to rot them out, which is why you might feel soft spots in them. When rot settles in, you’ll get air gaps and leaks and there might be moisture seeping in as well. There’s no stopping rot and you’ll have to replace the windows that have it.

Warping Allows For Gaps

Windows can also warp over the years, especially if you don’t care for them well. Once that bowing starts in the window frames, it also can’t be reversed and will only get worse. The warping will give the windows gaps between your home and the frames, which will easily let air and water through to the inside of your home. You’ll have to replace the windows to seal things up again.

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Bad Installation

If you just got replacement windows, you wouldn’t think you would have air leaks—and you shouldn’t. But if you didn’t have a professional install the windows, it’s all too possible for there to be leaks that will take your efficiency down with it. You want only professionals to replace windows so you can ensure that they will perform how they have promised. Plus, you keep the manufacturer’s warranties intact with professional installation instead of throwing it out.

If you aren’t sure what’s causing the leaks in your windows, or whether or not you need to get replacement windows in Plano, TX, call the professionals at Foster Exteriors Window Company for a free consultation. We can come to your home, assess your windows, and offer our expert advice as to what you should do.