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On Window Replacement Installation Day

When the installers arrive to put in your window replacement in Plano, TX, you are likely excited about the process and the results you will get when they are completely done and the windows are in. You perhaps took the day off so you could stay home, let them in, and be around for the project in case they need anything. But now what do you do? Here are a few options to kill time while you wait for the installation to be complete.

Get Fresh Air/Take Walks

If it’s a nice day, you might want to take your dog for some extra walks. Or, if you have no pets, just take yourself. Getting fresh air can feel good since your home might be dusty. Plus, there’s nothing like a nice walk on a decent day. You can walk around the block a few times and still be close to the house in case the installers need anything.

Treat Yourself

How often do you have time for a long bath in a locked bathroom? You could even take time to remove old nail polish on your toes and re-do them. Give yourself a treat with a spa hour in your bathroom, uninterrupted by the kids (for once) who you sent off to school. If there are windows in the bathroom, the installers will need in eventually, but you certainly have time as they have the whole house to do.

Tackle A Project

Have an attic that is way too full? Need to go through clothes and see what fits and what doesn’t? Does that junk drawer eat everything? You can take on a project in your home when you are there all day that you never have time for otherwise. Some of those projects get shoved aside for years, but with a whole day at home, you might just make a good dent in it or finish it off completely. It can feel good to be productive and get something done that you never would have even thought of trying to do otherwise.

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Read A Book

How long has it been since you sat down with a good book? Sure, the demo involved in window installation is noisy, but you could sit on the porch or put some headphones on and blast your favorite tunes. You probably have a to-read stack waiting for you. Take one off the top and enjoy.

There are plenty of things you can do with a day around your house, right? And when replacement windows in Plano, TX are being installed, it’s a good time to choose a project and go for it. You can relax, or even bring your laptop home from work and get some work done. Whatever you choose to do, it’s nice to be around in case the installers need anything from you. The professionals at Foster Exteriors Window Company work effectively and efficiently. We will clean up as much as we can along the way so you won’t have much but dust to wipe away later.