Pros And Cons Of One-At-A-Time Window Replacement

When your home is in need of window replacement in Plano, TX, you have two main options for the timeline. You can bite the bullet and get them all replaced at once or you can move forward slowly, replacing one at a time, or perhaps one room at a time. Here are some pros and cons of getting the windows replaced bit by bit.

Pro-Smaller Costs

When you just have to buy one window, of course, the bottom line is going to be much smaller than buying a whole house full of windows. You might feel like you can afford the project better because you are able to buy one window, install it, then wait until you have enough for another. The costs look smaller and that can help you feel good about going ahead.

Con-Larger Cost Overall

If you were to compare the two costs, in the end, you would actually pay less for a house full of windows all at once than you would for a house full of windows, bought and installed one at a time. When you buy all of the windows at once, you get a bulk rate so they cost less per window. Plus, you only have to have the installers come one time so their fees are smaller than paying them to come again and again. While the costs look smaller for each window, if you add them up, you actually pay more.

Pro-Improve Each Room In Turn

You might want different things for different rooms of the house and instead of making all of those decisions at once, you can just go through the house, room by room, and decide. Figure out the kitchen, do those windows, then move on to the living room. You might want to pause between and add other new things to the kitchen, like window coverings, rugs, and other such things to go along with the new windows. You can concentrate on just one room before moving on.

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Con-Lower Efficiency Outcome

Once all of the windows go in, your house will be efficient. But in the meantime, putting in a few new windows will help, but you will still have major air leaks to deal with. You won’t see the true difference in your energy bills until you get all of the windows installed. IF you want efficiency, having them all done at once will give you that big bump right away so you can start saving on your energy bills the very next month.

While it feels like getting replacement windows in Plano, TX one at a time, or one room at a time, might be the right move to take things at your own pace and on a steady budget, there are enough downsides that really it is better to do the whole house at once. The professionals at Foster Exteriors Window Company can go over more details with you and help you figure out how you can make all of the decisions and knock this project out.

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