Home Projects And Small Budgets

Many homeowners keep a reserve budget on hand for home improvement projects, and that’s always a good idea. You can save into that account for small and large home improvements that have to be done as the house ages. It’s always a good idea to be saving for replacement windows in Plano, TX because eventually, you will need them. But there are smaller home improvements you can do along the way that doesn’t have to cost much and can make a big difference in your home at the same time. Here are a few projects to consider.

Paint The Entry Door

When someone comes to your front door, that entry door is the first thing they see. You might want a door that makes a statement, which means painting it a bright color. You may have a door that needs an upgrade and is chipped and peeling. Even painting it the same color it was before, but fresh and new, can make a difference. There are also treatments you can do to doors that make them look like they have wood grain on them, even if they aren’t that material.

Add Outdoor Lighting

You might already have a little outdoor lighting, but if you put in a few extra solar lights, that can be a nice touch to your landscaping. Add lights around the walkway to the porch, for example, or highlight your flag, a tree, or something else you want to show even after dark settles in.

Consider Accent Wallpaper

While wallpapering a whole room with high quality paper can cost quite a bit, you don’t have to do a whole room. You can use a border and get a nice effect or, you can wallpaper one wall for an accent wall. It can be a nice way to bring a little pattern into the space without overdoing the room.

Replace Hardware

Bathroom and even kitchen cabinets can be changed in a big way, simply by getting new hardware. There are thousands of different hardware pieces out there and even with a smaller budget, you can find something that fits into your home. With a screwdriver and a little time, you can even do the replacement yourself.

replacement windows in Plano, TXGet Window Boxes For Flowers

Put up some window boxes and plant fresh flowers in the boxes. You could also grow herbs and other such things to have fresh things to use in your kitchen. The boxes can help frame the windows and give them a new look.

While there are lots of smaller things you can take on to make your home a nicer place to live, when you need, replacement windows in Plano, TX you will want to get that done sooner rather than later. Keeping a home improvement budget growing toward the replacement project will help you to get things taken care of when you need the new windows installed. You will have lots of improvements inside and outside of your house once those new windows go in. Contact us today.

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