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replacement windows in Plano, TX

What Do You Need To Know From The Window Installer?

It might be your first time getting replacement windows in Plano, TX, but it is not the first time the window company, or the installers, have helped a homeowner get what they need for their home. Not by a long shot. Since window professionals go through this all the time, they are completely comfortable with the process, and any questions you might have. They will let you know any details they think you need, but you are certainly welcomed to ask questions for further information at any time. Here are some things you might ask the window installer that they may or may not cover in advance.

Where Should I Put Window Coverings, Pictures, Etc?

The installers will ask that you take down the window treatments that go over your windows as well as any pictures on the walls so they can get right to work when they arrive. While you are happy to do so, where should you put these things so they are out of the way and safe? The installer might recommend that you put them in a closet, away from the windows, on a bed where they won’t get stepped on, or in other such locations. They may not have seen your house yet, so the options they give might be general. But from their answer, you can find a good place for everything.

How Noisy Will It Be?

If you have a child that naps in the afternoon or a dog that startles easily, you might want to know just how much noise they are going to make. While they try to keep things down as much as they can, they will be using noisy tools and air compressors, among other things. Plus, hammering old windows out and putting new ones in is not a quiet job. If you are concerned, perhaps see if a neighbor can take your dog in a family member host your child for a nap. That might be better for all of you.

Upgrade Your Home's Aging Process With Replacement Windows

How Long Will It All Take?

Your installer should be able to give you a ballpark figure, depending on how smoothly the job goes. Things can always come up, of course, but in general, it takes about half an hour to take out an old window and put in a new one. If you are getting a whole house done, count the windows and do a little math to get a basic idea. It should only take a day, or sometimes two if all goes well.

When you have other questions about the replacement windows in Plano, TX, and how the installation process will go once they arrive, the professionals at Foster Exteriors Window Company are here to talk you through anything you want to know. Even after you order the windows, we’re here for you. Once the windows are installed, if you have questions about care, you can still call us. We aren’t going anywhere—we’re here to help.