Maintaining Replacement Windows In The Fall

Once you install replacement windows in Plano, TX, it is important to maintain them, so they look nice and last as long as you want them to and beyond. Fall is a good time of the year to maintain the windows, so they are in good shape before the colder winter weather hits. They go through a lot in the summer around here so fall eases things upon them and gives you a chance to run maintenance. Here are a few things to do:


A Full Inspection

Even if your windows are pretty new, it’s good to know what they look like in good condition so you will later notice any changes that occur. Inspect the glass and the frames, both inside and out. Watch for any scratches on the glass or frames as well as chips or fractures. Those are things you might want to fix fast. It might even be under warranty, depending on the windows.


Clean The Frames And Glass

You might be in the habit of cleaning your window’s glass on the inside, but it will be good to see out this winter if you clean the exterior glass as well. While you are at it, wipe down the frames and make sure they are free from debris and dirt for the upcoming months. Rinse away any dirt and wipe the frames down with a clean towel. You can check the tracks on the windows as well and remove any sand or leaves with a vacuum.


Clean The Treatments

If your windows are dirty, so are the window treatments. You don’t want any dirt transferring from them to the clean windows so dust blinds, take down and launder curtains, and do whatever else you need to do to get the treatments as clean as the windows.


Check Over The Caulking

Again, even if the windows are on the new side, it’s good to give the caulk around the outside a good look so you know what they are supposed to look like. Eventually, they might crack in places and you will need to fix that, so you don’t have air leaks during the winter or summer months when you need efficiency in your house.

If you need help putting together a checklist for maintenance you want to run on your replacement windows in Plano, TX, ask the professionals at Foster Exteriors Window Company when you get into replacing the windows. You can also ask after installation by just calling us and seeing what ideas we have for good maintenance. We are happy to come check your windows at any time and give you tips about maintenance so they can stay in good-as-new shape for as long as possible. We want your windows to be the best possible fit for your house and that means keeping them in good condition as the years pass. They’ll last as long as they promise—or even longer, if you keep them in good shape the whole way through their lifespan.

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