Popular Replacement Window Styles

Replacement windows in Plano, TX aren’t something you think about on a regular basis. So when the time comes for you to get hew windows, you might not really know what styles you want, or what’s even out there to consider. There are lots of popular styles on the market and they all have their pros and cons. Here are some of the most popular styles to consider for your home.


Casement Windows

Casement windows are some of the most popular because they are one large glass space with no interruptions. That is great for views. They open fully from top to bottom by cranking out of the home. Since they hang out of the house, they don’t always work well around a pathway or patio, but they do work well to pull the breeze and fresh air into the home in order to ventilate the space.


Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are also very popular. They have two sashes and the vertical tracks allow them to open from bottom to top and top to bottom. These windows are also handy because you can tilt them into the house if you want to clean the outside from inside the home. They are a good safety choice for upper levels because you can open the top portion and keep the bottom part closed so no one has an accident and falls out.


Picture Windows

Picture windows are generally on the large side, though there are also stationary windows that can be smaller. These are windows that don’t open or close. That makes them the most efficient and since they have no interruptions, they are great for natural light and views as well. They can’t be used for ventilation, but in the right positions, they work well in most homes.

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Sliding Windows

These windows are like double hung windows tilted onto their sides. They open left to right and right to left instead of up and down. They work well in areas that have wider spaces instead of taller spaces. You might place one above a bathroom tub, for example, high on the wall. You might also put one in a hallway, high in the basement wall, and other such locations.


There are other popular window styles and there are also styles that are more unique but might work well for your home. When you look at replacement windows in Plano, TX, you might end up with the same style you have now and that’s okay. But it would be a mistake to not at least look at other styles and see what’s out there, so you are sure you want what you already have. The professionals at Foster Exteriors Window Company can help you look through the options so you have all the information you need to make a final decision you know you will be happy with. We’re here to show you around our showroom, or we can set up a time for a free consultation with no obligations involved whenever you are ready for that step.

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